when we think about the finance one thing it will always come in our mind that is money .which is required to start or support the Buisness. so finance means money management It is something which is need for every body to manage the money as well as saving and investing. so finance is a financial management which will help you to get out of the risk and future life events. making lots of money and managing it that’s a different thing . who don’t want money in their life,we every body want it in our life?without money we feel that our life is heel. without money we feel that we are not respected in society . so it is very importent to manage it.

The sooner you will start your financial planning it will be better for you and your family to get financial freedom and security . As the way lot of pepole they do exercise every day to keep feet their body , in the same way we need to exercise our mind , train our mind to manage the finance. if you are thinking that you are earning money but at the end you become cashless . So, you need to learn finance.

Follow Rule

According to this rule we can manage our http://eriewaterproofing.com/FINANCE very easily . we can spend 50% money on our need . It may be your home pay, rent such as utility , groceries and transportation etc. 30% of your money you can spend on what you want . It may be your shopping,travel, movie, MC Donald etc. 20% of your money you can save it.

Create a emergency fund

We all hope to get out of bad days that is crisis . But it is unclear about everybody is that how much economy would be fare for next few year. It will be the friends of your bad days .It will help you and your family to face financial as like medical scare, unavoidable household repairs, sudden loss of job such as social unrest or a pandemic .It will help you a lot . We everybody need to learn from pandemic.

Limited debt

Always try to keep your limited debt, so that you don’t need need to pay much more extra interest on that. If we take extra loan or anything, we need to pay more and more interest on that . So, limit your debt and be happier with your life. Try to keep less liability . An asset will put money money in your pocket and liability will take money out of your pocket.

Wisely use credit card

If you are using a credit card and you couldn’t be able to use it properly, so you may face a problem. you need to keep your remote control within you .Don’t give your remote to somebody else either they will change you or you need to change yourself. So always try to use it properly in a well maintain manner.
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